Understanding WHY you have WEEDS

Understanding WHY you have WEEDS

Do you find yourself constantly wrestling with weeds?

There is a reason why Nature is trying to use those type of plants at that time. She is trying to communicate with her. Once you understand why she is sprouting an excess of weeds, you can start to think of alternate solutions on how to fix it.

Basically, if you give her what she is trying to do, then she will be satiated. But first you need to start observing rather than reacting, and ask yourself – what is nature trying to do here?

Whether it a pest or weed, there is a purpose as life is always trying to create more life.

It’s moving from the simple to the complex.

And once you understand this you will have much more success in your garden around “weeds”. After all, it really is only us that call them “weeds”. For Nature they are purposeful helpful plants helping her to create a life of abundance.

This week in Thriving with Nature Community we will be discussing the concept of Natural Succession. I learnt it from my Syntropic Agroforestry course and I think it’s a big clue to help us understand what Nature is trying to do.

Image from Permaculture Apprentice: https://permacultureapprentice.com/how-to-set-up-a-permaculture-farm/

You see, Nature is ALWAYS trying to tell us something.

Whether it’s “WEEDS” or “PESTS” they are trying to help Nature build more life. So if they are turning up in your garden, they are basically saying, something is missing here so we are trying to fix the problem.

When “WEEDS” turn up, they are usually fast growing, can grow in compact soil and will try and build organic matter. All of this is trying to help the soil – either break up the compaction, add food and environment for microbes so that the next succession of plant life can begin.

The idea is rather than react and pull out the weeds, try and work out what the plants are trying to do – then if you can, help Nature by doing that yourself.

In some cases, for example, you just need to make sure the soil is covered and there is plenty of organic matter for the microbes. A good layer of compost and mulch can really help this out.

If weeds keep coming through – find out what the weed is, and what it’s good at and then try and replicate that.

Once Nature is satisfied that your garden has moved to abundance, you won’t feel like you are fighting it!

Thriving WITH Nature is the goal here and she will look after you always! Have Nature’s back, and she will have yours!

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