Thriving with Nature, it’s not a choice!

Have you ever seen a tiny fragile seedling popping it’s head through thick heavy bitumen? Or the roots of a magnificent tree engulfing the remains of an ancient ruin?

Nature is abundant. When left alone to do it’s thing, it thrives! It doesn’t choose to thrive, it is inevitable, just as we thrive naturally, if we get out of our own way!

As humans we have been trying to understand, control, manipulate nature to learn from it, potentially “improve” upon it, or to master it’s secrets. However the truth is, in this process we have completely brought it to the edge of destruction. In fact, being involved with, or responsible for, the extinction of many animal and plant species since our small time on this planet. But are we intentionally bad people with a vendetta against nature?

I personally do not believe so, what I believe has happened is a separation from nature. This idea that we are separate from nature. In fact the truth is so far from that…


We are part of this majestic macrocosm, a piece in the puzzle and we have such a beautiful role as a guardian of this earth. We have the intelligence to recognise ourselves, and recognise the whole. Now it’s up to us to observe and ultimately ask “What can I do to optimise the processes of life and bring more life to this place?”

My mission is to understand, observe and interact with nature – discover it’s complex yet simple systems and hopefully illuminate it for others to see how we can be THRIVING WITH NATURE, rather than destroying it. If we do not do this, we are ultimately a snake eating it’s tale – destined for tragedy.

But I truly am an optimist. If we were left with one avocado seed, with patience & care we could ultimately bring back avocados to abundance. Like some of the most delicate flowers that can grow from darkness, I believe we can recreate a thriving planet – not only naturally, but as a modern society. I don’t think we need to regress, but progress. Realise that we can have thriving nature AND profits.

I am just scratching the surface of this beautiful adventure, diving into permaculture, agroforestry and Syntropic Agriculture and whatever helps reveal these secret systems of nature! If you are curious and wish to also be part of a thriving natural world, come on this adventure with me… subscribe to learn as I learn.. let’s do this together!

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