The Most Grounded, Non-Conspiracy, pro-Nature, explanation of COVID 19 from Dr Zach Bush, MD

I haven’t wanted to share my views of what is going on with COVID19, firstly because for so long, like much of all of us, there really was a lot of unknowns, uncertainty around it all. Secondly, I know I tend to dance outside the lines with my views which can cause upset amongst friends and family. I find myself somewhere in between the extreme beliefs out there and for a while I wasn’t sure how to articulate it. Until a recent interview I watched with Dr Zach Bush, MD.

Zach Bush Interview…

When you first see who the interviewer is, Del Bigtree, a lot of people will immediately jump to some conclusions about which way this interview may go, but I want to assure you, Dr Zach Bush, MD, does an excellent job in keeping very grounded and scientific in his responses, often citing the latest research. And through this approach a new “side” emerges that isn’t based on conspiracy, it isn’t based on whether someone is pro or anti-vax, it’s based on scientific research to align with the new understanding of the microbiome.

Dr Zach Bush’s bi-line says it all to show where he stands on it all:

“Applying the rigor of science, strength of humanity, and the intelligence of nature to transform our health & our world.”

In fact he is currently reaching out to governmental agencies, Universities, and private-sector laboratories and pharmaceutical companies in a petition “to align to create a well-funded, cohesive, international research center to rapidly advance our understanding of childhood health, immunity and vaccination in the context of a microbiome that is now understood to be the foundation of human health, rather than our now antiquated threat model.”

In fear of tainting or misinterpreting the interview, I do recommend you watch and make up your own mind. I know it’s long, but it is well worth it as he goes into this whole situation on many levels. The reason why I love it and what my understanding of what he is saying, I illustrate in my other article “Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory and how this applies to COVID19

All I can say is, what he shares in this interview provides hope for the future. A way for us to come together and improve our humanity’s health and environmental health for the better.

And again, to me this whole premise aligns with Nature, that we can truly THRIVE WITH NATURE!

So, where to from here? Well first, if you haven’t watched it, I encourage you to – you might be pleasantly surprised.

Then the future, in my opinion, is to start to get more of an understanding of your own inner microbiome. To start to breath in Nature, to get your hands in the soil, eat regenerative organic foods, (grow your own even), eat ferments, and therefore improve the balance of your internal and external microbiome. Which ultimately, helps improve your immune system.

I have started exploring the idea of Terrain Theory which, in my opinion, starts to explain the idea that we need to focus on the internal balance of our microbiome. Feel free to read more here, as I explain it in more depth.

3 thoughts on “The Most Grounded, Non-Conspiracy, pro-Nature, explanation of COVID 19 from Dr Zach Bush, MD

  1. I really enjoyed listening to this interview and I’m fascinated by all of the information that was shared. There is one part part that left me confused however. So, if viruses can be transferred across the globe by airstream alone then how is it that the Native Americans suffered massive losses due to disease after the Europeans came? If they had already been previously exposed to all the viruses that the Europeans brought via airstream then why did they not have immunity?

    1. Hi Paige, that’s an interesting point and I don’t know the answer. I wonder if it could have been that it was a higher concentration that they were exposed to? Not sure though.. thank you for sharing your contemplations!

    2. Hi Paige, that’s an interesting question and one that I don’t know the answer to. I wonder if, because there was far more biodiverse nature it “cleaned” the air more thoroughly? There was definitely far less humans too, so the likelihood of being in the right place for the airstream to carry the virus to was possible but rare, but when the Europeans came, there was much closer contact? The other thing I think about is the hygiene in Europe back in those days were not as great so they would have had pathogens that were in higher concentration, that were in corners of dark areas of the towns that they brought across…. the Native Americans were very connected to Nature and didn’t have towns that had hygiene issues… so it may have been certain pathogens that couldn’t cross airstreams? Anyway I am not sure of what Dr Bush’s response would be… but wanted to offer some further contemplations…

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