Rang-tan in my Bedroom… but I DO know what to do!

Credit: GreenPeace

Rang-tan in my bedroom is one of the most heart wrenching poems I have seen in a long time. It truly illustrates and brings the reality of what is going on straight into your child’s bedroom!

With my very own eyes I have witnessed the vision that is shared when she says “I don’t know what to do”:

Palm Oil

This was taken by me, from a plane, less than a month ago when I was flying across Sarawak in Borneo:

Palm Oil from the sky

It is frightening to see this with your own eyes – lush forests knocked down and replaced with a mono crop that not only tears away family and homes for the species of the forest, but destroys the soil so that only chemical input can maintain this unnatural monstrosity all to sustain a global community who don’t realise their daily decisions are encouraging it.

Yes, I agree awakening the masses to make more conscious choices so we don’t loose our species, eventually destroying ourselves! This is a start. Check your packages and don’t purchase anything with palm oil – vote with your dollar!

But what often happens is that we portray these farmers as the EVIL enemy, when in fact ironically they are just trying to house and feed their own families. They aren’t the enemy. What is wrong is the method of how we are doing this.

What if we can have a world where we have orang-utans AND palm oil together…. WHAT?

Is that even possible?

I believe it is.

What if you could create a world that build their agriculture mimicing the biodiversity of nature. That it had a complex biodiversity whilst producing high yield, whilst regenerating the soil and habitats of our animals!

This truly can happen in the world of Syntropic Agroforestry. Where in the four dimensions of space and time you pre-plan your crops so that you are always producing yield, whilst building the soil. Utilising stratification and time, accelerating growth through pruning (ironic, I know), having the forest you are building follow the natural succession straight into the Abundance System. Without having to wait millions of years!

I know we have truly F@*&ked things up in such an incredible short time! Truly – we have done a bloody brilliant job!

HOWEVER I also think – that together with the knowledge of Syntropic Agroforestry and some collective community support – we can turn this around so that even our grandchildren won’t realise the damage we had done from our “younger years!”

I believe we can THRIVE WITH NATURE!

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Thank you to Emma Thompson, Greenpeace and creative Agency Mother for putting together such a powerful video! Hopefully it spreads enough to create awareness… but I also hope people can see there is a solution!

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