How to Build a Modern Natural Pool without Mud

I got to experience one of the most divine pristine swimming experiences in what seems to be a modern pool at first. When you look at it closer with it’s rock pool waterfalls and wetlands area, you can see the tiny shrimps cleaning the water hidden away, and small fish hiding in the roots.

Norm vant Hoff from Bali Eco Lodge talks through the 3 main things to think when considering creating your modern natural pool:

  1. Aeration
  2. Filteration
  3. Circulation

He also shares about the ideas of Viktor Schauberger and recommends looking into his ideas and research on water and how it moves and revitalises.

There really is no reason for us to have any pools as chemical pools anymore when we can have modern pools that revitalise our cells and truly are a blessing to swim in! Check it out for yourself in the video interview here:

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