How Farmers are reversing the drought , regenerating their land and better off financially

Heart wrenching articles like the recent one in the Guardian on the 6th of November ‘It has been heart-wrenching’: Australian farmers on living with drought” are showing the dire situation where farmers not only loose their animals, and their business – some are taking their lives out of utter helplessness.

In the article above it shows 4 farmers experiences of the drought. It’s not hard to feel the devastation and want to do something to help, but what can be done?

Well, what if there already exists a way to help?  In a video called “From the Ground Up – Regenerative Agriculture” (shown below) four different farmers show the way they have managed to reverse the drought in their farms, regenerate the land and their business and even save millions through regenerative agriculture practices.

In it David Marsh, Charles Massy, Charlie Maslin and Tobias Koenig show how they have completely steered their land from the metaphorical iceberg, and sailed clear and far away from the drought. In actual fact having their soils and plants growing better than before with some of their customers, for example, saying their ‘garlic’ has so much flavour than any others.

It is all along the principle of working FOR Nature, not being above it. In the mini-doc David Marsh explains that “What the world needs for the future, what human beings and all life need humans to be doing, is to have an agricultural system that the consequence of management is to increase diversity not diminish it.”

I personally believe that with a few shifts in the way we think and therefore behave, we could ultimately shift the much larger situation of this planet’s doom, to a possible future where farms flourish, healthier populations and ecosystems and biodiversity is thriving.

Industrial Agriculture and the depletion of soil quality to almost extinction is  one of the biggest causes where all the carbon has been released into the atmosphere causing the imbalances and crazy climate situations. We now know that the very best way of pulling down excess carbon from the atmosphere is through healthy agriculture, regenerative plants, regenerative systems” Charles Massy

Some people are concerned that with the massive populations we can’t feed the world? Charles Massey answers this: People forget that 70% of the worlds food comes of 5 acres or less, off peasant farms, and interestingly the majority of those farms are women. But on the rest of it where there was once industrial farming, regenerative farming is more than capable of filling the gap with all the added benefits.

And then of course – we can’t talk about all this without mentioning money. Can the farmers survive and thrive? David talks about how switching to regenerative agriculture not only helped regenerate his land, but ultimately saved between 1/2 a million and $800,000 in a year. He says instead of getting more and more anxious and debt spiralling out of control, he no longer goes through that.

So, How do we change?

For farmers, hopefully they can get the education and experience and start opening up and sharing to one another and help spread the news of regenerative agriculture. Allan Savory’s book “Holistic Management” is a good way to start if you want to look further into this.

Farmers switching to regenerative agriculture is just half the story. Us, the people in the urban areas need to also become aware and educate ourselves on these methods. Look into where in your local community you can by fresh product from regenerative farms. Go to the local farmers markets and buy from there – vote with your dollar.

You can also help to grow your own. Even if you have a herb garden that grows the top 5 herbs you use in cooking, and then a veggie garden in a box that grows your top 5 veggies, not only will you become more connected with your food, but done in a regenerative way – the veggies will be that much more nutrient dense and nourish your body beyond your imagination – helping your health as a bonus.

You can also help by sharing this article to friends, family, farmers you think could benefit in some way from learning more about regenerative agriculture.

We’ve seen ourselves as outside of Nature for a long time, for probably a couple hundred years. But really we are just another species. Sometimes people think that evolution is all about competition, but there is a heck a lot of cooperation in the change of evolution overtime and adapting to circumstance” David Marsh

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