EP#55 – The Reality of Doing this Far Away

Embarking on this journey it’s exactly that – a journey.. It has its ups and downs. And this past couple of days I have felt a little low because I am not close to my family. 

 Normally if I was in Australia, I know my father would be able to come over and help me out, we could bounce back and forth ideas and do some work together. It’s hard to see him sometimes helping my step-sister who only lives down the street from him, and I am on the land here on my own. The truth of it is he would be here in a heartbeat if he was closer, and probably so much more than I would want him to! I have chosen Bali (or I sometimes think Bali chose me) and it’s just one of the sacrifices I have made.

The truth is though, according to Demartini, or so my friend says, is that nothing is missing – these dynamics turn up in other ways. And that is true. I have what I call my “Mountain Family” – a community of like-minded souls that I get along with and we all help each other! I also have a Bali Family, the landowner, who is helping me so much. I am truly supported on this journey!

The reality is, in some moments, I really miss my fam. But one day the borders will open and they will get to come to see what I am embarking on! So I just have to ride these low moments and get through them – because after a low, often there is a high!… so let’s see what is around the corner!

Join me for this week’s podcast ponderings…

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