EP#54 – Letting Go Of My Ego

I’ve always sat on the outskirts of village life in Bali. I’ve seen their amazing community and felt the warmth that they share when joining in on a ceremony, however, I’ve never been part of the village. 

I’ve also noticed how they really work together a lot. Whether preparing for a ceremony, harvesting, they are chattering away and connecting together. 

Now I’m part of a community I am starting to notice my old western ways of “wanting to do it on my own” and this is “my” land… etc. Balinese don’t think that way, they really do live a life of “Together we are Better”.

So when they were naturally offering to help me, I could feel a resistance come up… but it’s an old way, a part of my ego I choose to let go of..

Join me for this week’s episode as I ponder what came up for me during a moment of this…

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