EP#36 – The Human Spirit & Adventures in Nature with James Levelle

Staring into the eyes of the majestic Tigress in India; documenting and helping stop the massive fish trawlers destroying the oceans in Sierra Leone; adventuring from London to Chile without using Fossil Fuels are just some of the amazing “Nature focused” adventures James Levelle has documented in his lifetime.

In his “Race for Future” adventure, to help document the youth voice around shifting our focus on solutions to align with Nature and repair the damage to the climate, James encountered many challenges which, through the human spirit and helping work together, became his greatest achievements.

Join myself and James as he shares some fascinating stories that highlight really how we just need to step into our stewardship of planet earth; pick up our custodian responsibilities and help regenerate our planet together.

To learn more about James and his Documentary – head over to https://raceforfuture.com/

Our follow him on Instagram @james_m_levelle

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