EP#35 – The Life and Death of Nature

Nature is beautiful and spectacular. It has serene energy – most of the time. But there is the crux or apex where Nature’s beauty all comes crashing together in the moment of life and death. For one species to survive it often has to eat or kill another. Not necessarily annihilate the entire species but just eat one here and there for its own survival. Life and Death must occur for the greater good of the whole ecosystem.

The branches and leaves of the trees, as they die they become food for the microbes who in turn, alchemise them into nutrients for the plants around there. There is a beauty in this life and death – but I still struggle with the “okayness” of it all.

Today I witnessed a frog being eaten by a snake. I couldn’t watch. I was empathising with the prey, the victim. But it made me think – why not also celebrate that that snake will get to survive another day because it was smarter than its prey.

In today’s podcast I contemplate the beauty in this transition and battle in nature… join me and feel free to share your comments below in any of my sites – I’d love to hear what comes up for you after you hear the episode!

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