Ep#22 – The Living Supplement Garden

Are you ready to embark on a journey that requires intimate connection with Nature?

Are you open to the possibility that Nature could potentially be your physician?

Welcome to my passion project, The Living Supplement Garden. A garden that grows to read your body’s condition and grow the substances needed to potentially heal you. It’s not proven yet, but this is the project and journey to see what we discover… come join me to learn all about it on this week’s podcast…

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Episode 22: The Living Supplement Garden

Welcome to Thriving with Nature, a podcast that gives you the tools you need to live a modern lifestyle that helps regenerate our planet. And now your host, Hayley Weatherburn. 

Hello Thrivers. Welcome to this week’s episode. I am just so excited to be sharing this with you. This is a lifetime project that has been brewing inside me since 2011. And well, for the first eight years, it was all internal and I was quite unconscious as to what I wanted to do with this. But the last couple of years, it has burst out into the world in regards to the research that I’ve been doing that’s starting to show how real this is. And. I want to help everyone around the world. 

I want to introduce you to my passion project called The Living Supplement Garden. Now, The Living Supplement Garden is a garden that reads your body’s condition and grows the right correlation of substances to improve your health and possibly heal your specific state if you had illnesses and things, any symptoms and things like that. I call it The Living Supplement Garden. It’s like having your own medicine cabinet in your garden. 

And so, I first read this in the book Anastasia by Vladimir Megre. I’m probably saying his name wrong. It’s chapter 11. So, this is the origin. This is where the seed of this idea was planted in my head. And so, I just was fascinated by this idea. But there’s a lot of people that would say, ‘this is all fairytale. This is all a story.’ You know, the book has some quite out there stuff. I love the book. And in fact, in one of the episodes of my podcast, Episode Six of my podcast, I read this chapter. I read the main context of this chapter. So, if you want to listen to what this chapter says, head over to Episode Six after this. I read this, as I said in 2011, and it’s sort of stored in my brain and it awakened things. I had many epiphanies over the years. 

But in the last couple of years, I’ve started to get more and more into my passion of growing vegetables, of permaculture, of syntropic, and of so much more. And especially in my most recent research, I joined the Soil Advocacy Training where we learned all about soil. And it was the first time that scientific research showed me the possibility that this could very well be so true. That, we can grow a garden and it reads us identically to what we, our elements. And as you eat the fruits of this garden, it will heal you. Like, is that not profound? This beautiful symbiotic relationship with your garden. You are so connected to nature. We are part of nature. And when we thrive with nature, Oh my gosh, anything is possible. 

This is a project and the main reason I’m starting is because of my own passion and interest. But if this truly is real and I am starting to see the evidence of it, this can help millions of people around the world without having to [do other things] just to keep maintain your health, you have this beautiful garden. 

There’s many elements to this because the ideal way to do this is straight into the ground. Because nature has everything. As Dr. Elaine Ingham says, in my interview I did a couple of weeks ago, ‘there is no soil on this planet that doesn’t have all the elements needed to grow healthy nutrition or nutritional plants. What’s missing is the microbial life that turns those nutrients and elements into plant-soluble nutrients.’ So, that’s where we’ve gone wrong. We’ve killed a lot of these things, and therefore, it’s not transferring [the needed nutrients.] The plants are growing, but they don’t have as much nutrients as they did 50 years ago after all the chemicals we’ve sprayed in the earth. 

The first thing is to look at the soil. And as I said, ideally, you’ve got it straight into the ground. But not everyone has the space to do this. If you do have the space to do it, just do directly into your ground. If not, I am showing you how to grow, in less than one square meter, your own veggie supplement box.

The soil is one of the elements we’ve got to talk about. And I’ve learned a lot about that,  about building soil and what’s needed to create the environment for this life. So, 95% of the soil is soil, sand, silt, and clay. It is what soil is made up of. But then, you’ve got the 5% ideally of this organic life. Then you’ve got the seed planting process which is illustrated in Anastasia, following that process. Then, there’s the other process which is the daily interaction with your garden process. That’s something that has to be outlined. Then, there’s the biodynamics of it all, of when to actually plant using the cycles of the moon. There’s a lot of evidence out there about biodynamics and how it really enhances the fruits and vegetables grown in that way. Then, there’s the companion planting idea of it. So, what should you plant together? And then, a syntropic agroforestry which deals with over time, what plants can protect each other so that you grow the best version of a veggie box inside this Living Supplement Garden. 

And then, there’s something more advanced. It’s looking at our symptoms. What are the top symptoms? There’s a lot of study out there of what people know that carrots are good for your eyesight, right? There’s an idea that it helps with your eyesight. So, if you had issues with your eyes, carrots could potentially be one of the things that you grow inside your veggie box. 

And so, this is going to take time and research to get to this ideal place. My vision is that we have something you put in your top three, four, five ailments or issues, and it will spit out and where you live because places grow, what time of the year it is, where you live and what to plant together and what date. And to give you all that information and how to plant it so that it all plants together. And it will be the ultimate medicine box as I call it the Living Supplement Garden, where you can start to heal your conditions. And also, generally, if you just want to improve your health, just create the best garden that you can so you’ve got all the fruits and veggies and herbs and things in your garden. So that you can just add it to a salad each day and have a piece, just nibble a bit every day and interact with your garden that will maintain and create optimal health. Like those people are looking for longevity, in the book, it talks about how it actually helps reverse and slow down the aging process as well.

This is super, super exciting. I am just over the moon that this is coming to life. And so, if you haven’t been following me, I have created my first Living Supplement Garden. Right now, there are no seeds in it. I literally two days ago finished building the soil to what I feel is a really good balance. I’ve got the soil covered and in the next week or so, I will be planting seeds. Ideally, I would do it all at the same time or not depending on the moon cycle. So, that is something that you’ve got to look into what’s more ideal when to plant. And I’ve started the morning cycle process of stepping into the garden and washing down my body into the garden, because if you listened to Dr. Elaine Ingram’s interview and I recommend you do right near the end, I introduced her to the concept.

Now, Dr. Elaine Ingham has been studying this for 40 years, studying soil microbiology for 40 years. And I told her about the concept and she’s a scientist, research, microscopes looking for the evidence. And she said to me, she didn’t do this. She didn’t, she goes, yes, this could be real because of blah, blah, blah, blah. And she listed. And so go and listen to that. She listed what could possibly be happening as to why this garden will start to read our bodies. 

So, you out there, if you’re listening to this and this excites something or ignites something inside of you, and you’re really, really excited by it, you may be listening to this in a couple of years and hearing it. This is the first time I did it. Hello to you from the future to where this has all got to. I’m excited to meet you and for you to be part of this journey.

The project is beginning. I have an Instagram called The Living Supplement Garden. So head over there, if you want to start to see and be part of the very first people who are going to help support. I want case studies. I want people out there who, if this excites and wants to be part of it and learn how to do this for themselves, so that you can start to grow a garden that is your living supplement garden, and start to heal your ailments  to bring you to optimal health. 

The website should be up called thelivingsupplementgarden.com. And also you will be able to become a part of this journey. Like I said, I will be looking for people who want to do case studies who want to learn how to grow this garden regardless. You have an inkling. You have a belief that this could be true and you want to try it for yourself. The worst that could happen is you’ve got a beautiful, healthy garden and you eat some fruits and vegetables. That’s the worst that could happen. But the best that could happen is you have a phenomenal health. It’s really a win-win. 

So, I will be creating a Patrion and the Thriving With Nature. So, you can go and look for that now. I should have it all up and running by the time this podcast is live. But this is the beginning everyone. 

And I don’t know if you can hear the excitement in my voice, but I just see the possibilities out there from the intimate scale of just helping myself, the personal side of like, I’ve always wanted optimal health. I believe nature can heal. I believe our body can heal. In fact, Anastasia talks about the fact that our body and the seed are the physicians. It knows exactly what it needs, and we’ve just got to get out of its way, and be part of nature again, and thrive with nature. And then from the global scale, if people start to see how intimately connected we are with nature, we will stop spraying chemicals. We will only grab fruit and vegetables that have the best possible healing properties. So this is exciting, everyone. Thank you so much. Come and be part of it. Follow me on Instagram, The Living Supplement Garden if you’re not already. And come join, head to the website, you’ll be able to sign up and hear more about it or over in Patrion. Thank you so much for being part of this. I am so, so excited. Have an amazing week and stay tuned for the next installment. Have a good day.

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