Ep#21 – Nature Doesn’t Discriminate

It’s a crazy time right now in the world, where humans are still killing one another for their race. Humanity is in a spiral and if we aren’t careful we will end up killing ourselves…. When times get tough, as some of you know, I turn to nature and see what she is telling us… today I share about how nature works together for the betterment of the whole… if only we can do the same. Join me on today’s difficult topic…

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Episode 21: Nature Doesn’t Discriminate 

Welcome to Thriving with Nature, a podcast that gives you the tools you need to live a modern lifestyle that helps regenerate our planet. And now your host, Hayley Weatherburn. 

Hello Thrivers and welcome to this week’s episode. It comes at a really interesting time on this planet. As you all know, we’ve been through COVID-19. In fact, I don’t think that’s even over yet. Areas are starting to open up and things are starting to shift back to a little bit of freedom. But right now, for those that are in LA, United States, it’s almost taken a complete different turn with the riots that are happening at the moment in regards to George Floyd, a black man that was killed by a white police officer. I sometimes just look up and ask, ‘how are we still here in a world where we treat fellow humans differently purely because of the aesthetics of their body?’ I just find this fascinating. 

And as all you know who have been listening to the podcasts over the weeks, when it comes to situations like this, I like to look to nature. And nature doesn’t discriminate. In fact, what I’m discovering is the further I researched the further I am learning about her. I like to call her mother nature. The more I understand, as you’ve heard me say and repeat, ‘nature moves in a natural succession towards abundance.’ What does that mean? One of the first principles or laws of every organism in the ecosystem, it’s there to benefit the whole.

I remember when I was first studying about wolves, I had this obsession with wolves when I was 14 to 17. I didn’t have posters of people dancing, Boyz II Men. I didn’t have posters of dance groups in my room. I had posters of wolves. I’ve always been a nature buff. And I remember watching a documentary of a man who started to live near the wolves. There was this thought of wolves, with the Big, Bad Wolf, all the stories that we hear of these evil wolves. And interestingly, when he was studying them and watching them, he realized that the pack works in a unity. There’s the Alpha and it’s the strongest of there and it’s looking out for the whole of the pack and only the alpha male and female will be the ones that mate and everyone looks after these beautiful pups to help them grow. Because at the end of the day, you’re an alpha because you’re strongest, you obviously outwit, if I can say others. You’re there for the benefit of the actual whole pack. And so, it only makes sense to breed the stronger of that. That’s Darwin’s theory, the only the strongest survive. Well, the stuff survival of the fittest. 

But one of the really things in my point I’m trying to make here is one of the most interesting learnings that this man, I can’t remember this documentary, but he was in a tent for months around the wolves. And he even peed around his border because that helped protect his and the pack respected that. But one of the biggest learnings that came from this documentary was that the wolves, when they’re hunting a large animal, will always take the sickest or weakest. They don’t try to kill more than one animal. They’ll kill enough to feed their pack. That’s it. I believe the lions do the same. It’s not about greed, it’s the survival of the ecosystem. They need that pack of antelopes or buffalo, whatever it is that they’re hunting. I can’t remember what the pack animal was. They need that whole pack to survive as well, or that herd, because if they just overkilled, they killed the whole thing. There’d be nothing left for them to eat. They need it to reproduce. They need them to constantly be there. So, they have a constant source of food. So, they’re not going to overkill. That was just so fascinating for me. Random middle fact, that’s why I have a tattoo of a wolf. There was so much about the pack and it’s for the betterment of the pack. They’re just these beautiful, beautiful animals. And it’s only in the stories that the lone wolf. Often a wolf, if it’s causing ruckus inside the pack and if it keeps trying to challenge the alpha and doesn’t, it can often choose to go. You know I’m going to go start my own pack. And that lone wolf in that time in between time, if it doesn’t find a pack, if it doesn’t find that, of course, it can get hungry and desperate. And that’s where this big bad wolf can come from. It’s from that lone wolf that is transitioning packs that is about to try and create its own. And it just may not work. It may not survive between that time. And so, that’s where the bad name can come from.

Even if you look into a garden, something the best documentary could ever watch is The Biggest Little Farm. It’s just the best story. Kids love it. They want to watch it more and more. I’ve watched it five times. I’ll watch at least five more. And it shows the cycle of nature. And it’s always moving towards abundance. It’s always trying to improve itself. It’s like, how can we make this ecosystem survive? And if you align with nature, you will. And so yes, there may be an excess of pests at some stage, but eventually a predator will arrive that will start to balance that out again. It’s always for the betterment of the ecosystem. There’s insects. There’s microbes that sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the ecosystem. Everything is there working towards creating abundance in nature. 

If we move to the human race right now, we are not on a global scale, we’re destroying this planet. We know that. We’re quite aware of that. But even on a humanity, the social side, there is still so much ego, so much individualism, so much separation. I mean, especially with his COVID and how we’ve all been separated. This is not for the betterment of our ecosystem. This is not the betterment. And we are going to destroy ourselves on this trajectory. The fact that we’re killing one another for the three millimeters. I thought it was fascinating what Zach Bush MD put up on his Instagram. He’s put an image of a basically a human without skin. So, it’s just muscle and tendons. And it says, this is happening because at three millimeters deep, we’re all exactly the same. A hundred percent, three millimeters, this judgment on this three millimeter physical outlay the skin. And we’re destroying ourselves where there’s hate and violence. My heart goes out. I know I’m part of the white privileged. I know and I know I have never, I can never talk or understand what it’s like to be out there being discriminated against. I’m always watching those documentaries. I think it’s called the 13th, about the 13th amendment, about criminalization. I’m always trying to find empathy and understand, and at least verbalize. That’s what I’m doing today, to  verbalize where I stand and where I stand is that the human race should align with nature and we will thrive. 

If we look at one another with love and compassion and empathy and support one another for the betterment of human society to thrive, there shouldn’t be any of this racism, this discrimination, this situation. That needs to be eliminated. There is no need for it. For us as humans to be shifting to a trajectory that aligns with nature, to thrive, not implode and kill ourselves. We need to step outside ourselves. And there’s this opportunity that the world is shifting, regardless. We’re on that trajectory. We’re shifting and what we’re seeing is this huge mirror coming up right in front of us that is showing us. So obviously that we need to shift. And my only hope is that we can start to behave like animals. You know, it says don’t behave like an animal. I’m sorry, but the animals and the organisms, they have it right. They’re there for the betterment of the whole. 

And I choose to live a life that aligns with love. I choose to align with nature. I choose that I want to be a part, a betterment of the whole. I mean, one of my lines is that I want to leave this place better than I found it. I want to know that I contributed towards a thriving planet, not a dying planet and not a planet that kills one another for the color of our skin, or treats each other with disrespect, regardless. 

Nature doesn’t discriminate. In fact, nature works together for the betterment of the whole to create an abundance to thrive. I want to align with nature and I want to thrive and I choose love and compassion for the betterment of our humanity. That’s me. That’s my thoughts. Wishing you all the best. Stay safe. Choose love in those moments if you can. ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ from Ghandi. Thank you so much for listening.

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