Ep#20 – Let’s BE with Nature

It’s often times when we get knocked sideways that we can be reminded of what is important. Experiencing Dengue for the second time, I am reminded about how Nature achieves so much, yet doesn’t push for anything. It has it’s delicate pace that often cannot be seen at all to be moving, yet blink an eye or come back after a day, and the evidence of growth is obvious. This weeks ponderings is to invite us back to this pace – to BE with Nature.

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Episode 20: Let’s BE with Nature 

Welcome to Thriving with Nature, a podcast that gives you the tools you need to live a modern lifestyle that helps regenerate our planet. And now your host, Hayley Weatherburn. 

Hello Thrivers. Welcome back to this week’s episode. This week’s episode is about Rest. In the last probably  8 – 10 days, I have been experiencing dengue. For those of you who don’t know, I live here in Bali, Indonesia. I’ve been here for seven years now. And this is the second time I’ve experienced the magic of dengue. Dengue is transmitted by a mosquito that has already been infected with dengue. And right now interestingly in Bali, I’m not sure if the news is crossing across to other people, but we actually have a lot more dinghy than we do in regards to COVID-19. Dengue is the biggest (in number). 

I was speaking to a doctor here. She’s seeing far more dengue people at this point. There’s a couple of theories that the doctor was noticing. The dengue seems a little bit more or (show) slightly different behaviors. So for me six years ago, it was far. I was probably bedridden for 10 days, whereas I’ve sort of gotten myself out of the pain zone in about five days. When I say pain, it’s like an electrical storm in your brain. I have headaches. My eyes were painful. Just looking left or right was really painful. (My) body was exhausted. Six years ago, it was actually my whole body that was in pain. I just remember moaning a lot because just the pain in my body, whereas this time I didn’t experience as much. It still was not pleasant. It still would rather not experience it, but it definitely wasn’t as bad as six years ago. 

One of the things the doctor said is that because here in Bali, they do a lot of spraying. They do what we call fogging. And it’s this big gray cloud of chemicals that gets sent out into areas where they’re trying to kill off the mosquito population. But this doctor was saying that there is potentiality that some of these mosquitoes are starting to get resistant to it and still carry the dengue and the dengue may potentially be shifting a little bit. 

My fever went up and down through this particular process, a little bit more sporadically than normal. She was saying that there’s, yeah, higher fevers than what she has experienced before and she’s been here in Bali for longer than I have. So, yeah. It’s interesting to see what’s happening. 

There was also a rumor. I’ve seen no evidence. I’ve seen no article. So, this is a complete rumor. But there were rumors that people were killing off bats because of the link to COVID-19 of being bats of their theory. But bats eat thousands of mosquitoes in a day. And so, killing off bats only increases the opportunity for more mosquitoes and more dengue. 

It’s amazing how the whole ecosystem is so connected and we as humans must be aware of just trying to fix one problem, it can actually cause other problems. And again, this is just a rumor, this whole killing off of bats. I’m still yet to see any evidence of it. But if it is true, it just makes me very, very sad that we still have a long way to go in regards to helping our planet overall. But yeah. 

So, I just wanted to share (this). I’m just coming out of this experience for the second time and the biggest thing it made me do was stop and rest and just be present in this world of, yes, there’s the rat race and all that kind of stuff. And then, we’ve got our COVID-19, the fear race. Then, there’s the fight to freedom, the fight of succeeding. There’s this always this constant urgency to move forward, constant urgency to find a solution, constant urgency to find a resolution, a constant urgency of fighting against those that are against us. There’s this constant push. 

And so, I want to invite you through my own experience of just stopping, and having the permission to stop, and just be for when we see it in the now and just experience life and observe. Often, a lot more clarity can come in a far more gentle surrendering way. 

Something I’ve been watching from a distance now over the last week is my veggie garden and that I haven’t been able to participate at all. I’m so grateful there’s been a few rains, but it just keeps growing. There’s this beautiful abundance. I haven’t had a chance to really get in and have a look at what’s going on. And in actual fact when I was looking at it with my low energy levels, I was completely overwhelmed. Thoughts in my head, how am I supposed to understand this? What’s going on? There’s so many plants. I don’t know which plants are. Why aren’t they growing bushier? 

You know, all these thoughts and we can get so stuck in and caught in the way of all of that. And we just have to breathe. Just surrender. We don’t need to know all the answers. Just rest and just watch and trust and know that the right time will come, the right amount of energy you’ll have, the inspiration, the information will all come at the exact right time whatever it is that you’re experiencing. 

Nature doesn’t push. Nature isn’t rushing. Nature just is. And when you get these opportunities, some say, step back. Experiencing dengue has allowed me to stop and just be present and not have to know everything. It allows you to step back into that ever slow growth of nature. It achieves yet it’s not pushing to achieve. It grows and builds yet it’s not pushing. It just is. And if we just ride that wave, it’s inevitable that we will grow without the push, the stress, the constant struggle. Struggle can lead to some amazing profound moments, but they also don’t have to be pushed through. They will come in their own time. 

So for me right now, it’s a real surrendering pace. From being knocked sideways off my little rat race, machine rushing, pushing, trying to get things done. And with this fear of stepping back on this very, very fast treadmill, I’ve slowed the treadmill down. And I’m just going to aim to sit with the same pace of nature, still achieving, still growing, still learning, but at a far more manageable pace. 

Let’s thrive with nature at nature’s pace. Things can happen so quickly in nature without us even noticing, without it even pushing. We can turn this around without pushing and rushing. We just need to align with nature and that abundance will just happen naturally anyway. 

This is your permission this week to just be in the frequency of nature. Be rather than do. Let’s be with nature this week. Thank you so much for listening. I wish you a beautiful day.

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