Ep#15 – My Ponderings on Artificial Intelligence

Our understanding of Nature has barely touched the surface! And in some ways we have moved away from bothering about understanding and decided to create outside of ourselves. In my opinion I am finding that that is missing the point of our involvement with Nature. I feel technology can play a part in us helping to support Nature… but certainly not try and “improve” on Nature.

In this week’s episode of the Thriving with Nature Podcast I share my ponderings about Artificial Intelligence and how I feel we are missing the opportunity to understand our human capabilities by distracting us with “outside ourselves” technology…

Gregg Braden “There is a battle for your very humanness”: https://youtu.be/7QAInsadnhM

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Episode 15: My Ponderings on Artificial Intelligence 

Welcome to Thriving with Nature, a podcast that gives you the tools you need to live a modern lifestyle that helps regenerate our planet. And now your host, Hayley Weatherburn. 

Hello Thrivers! Welcome back. I’m so excited to be here. I’m so excited to have you. I’ve been looking recently at where you guys and gals are all listening from and it’s over 26 countries and I’m just absolutely flabbergasted. So, hello from wherever you are, whether it’s morning or night, I just am so blessed and grateful that you’re here listening. Thank you. 

Today, I want to share a little bit about something that’s provoked a little thought in my head and it’s to do with artificial intelligence. And so just the last three days, I work for another company called Heal Thyself and they are amazing. And we talk about how the body can heal itself naturally. And you’ve heard me in the other podcasts how I believe our body is nature. We are nature. We are part of nature. And if we start to step away and move away from the natural force of nature, that’s when our body starts to disintegrate. There is this innate intelligence. When you go down to the bottom of the roots of the plants, if you kill the life that’s in the soil there, there’s another innate intelligence that we kill that we’re trying to replace with our own intelligence. 

I had that conversation with Charles Massey last week in regards to us trying to dominate nature rather than allowing mother nature to do what she does. We’re a long way from trying to understand all the tiny little principles that there are there. 

I was just watching an interesting presentation by Gregg Braden and he shared about ‘there’s a battle for our humanness.’ And I agree with that and it was a very interesting YouTube video. I’m happy to put a link below in the show notes. In it, he talked about how recently artificial intelligence is starting to become a real thing. Apparently legally in a country, there are some countries where you can marry an AI robot. The people are getting chips in their bodies. You can connect the chip to your little tendrils or whatever in your brain and you can download things. 

On one aspect, I think technology can align with nature, but to me this is not an alignment. I really want to articulate this. What we’re seeing now, we have stepped away from nature. In human health, we stepped away from nature: having processed foods, putting chemicals on our food, putting chemicals in our body, putting chemicals on our skin, makeup, all the different toxins in our body. Humans are dying of diseases. In our gut microbiome, we kill life in the soil. I’m reading a book called Eat Dirt and about 70% of all diseases start in the gut. All of these major, major diseases can be prevented if we go back to regenerative agriculture, if we go back to nature. 

I’m kind of wondering and the biggest question that’s going on in my brain right now is when are we going to learn? Are we just that stubborn that we are trying to dominate or improve on nature? The presentation that Gregg Braden talked about where he said that they can start to manipulate the DNA, take out certain genes and the first baby was born where they did that. On the flip side, I can understand this humanness of wanting to make perfect babies and not have to suffer and not have to have babies that are deformed or not have to have (those). I mean, my belief is if we are really connected to our humanness, our body does not birth a child, generally speaking, if it’s not going to live a reasonable life like it can. There’s a lot of miscarriages. I didn’t know until late in my life that a lot of women can have a lot of miscarriages to start with because the body, in my opinion, knows that something wasn’t right. And so, it terminated it. It realized that this wasn’t going to work. There’s this innate intelligence. Our bodies are masterful. That’s so intelligent.

And so, yeah. I just have this constant conversation in my head. I do see the benefits of technology. I mean the fact that I’m here in Bali, my whole family is all over the place. I can’t move anywhere. So, I can actually communicate with them. There’s an aspect of technology that is amazing, but there’s also an aspect that it’s causing us to numb ourselves, causing us to separate ourselves from nature. I feel like we need to unplug for a certain amount of hours a day and go out and connect with nature. 

Something that Gregg Braden said that I really, really aligned with is that as humans, he tells this amazing American-Indian story at the end of his video about how American-Indians can see there was something that happened, a shift that happened where all of a sudden, humans were starting to look outside themselves to find the answers. And we’re starting to clutter. There’s so much stuff. That’s why the minimalism movement is around because we realized we just have so much stuff that we don’t need. And he said that the American-Indians know that we can get all the things we’re trying to seek outside from us. Whatever it is, technology-wise, we can find it inside our body. 

Even the Anastasia books that I talked about a lot. In there, she says, ‘we just don’t master our mind.’ I mean, we all know that we only use about 10% of our brain. That’s where we should be beginning. That’s where the technology of meditating, of really starting to master our internal systems. Look at Wim Hoff. He has been able to create with his internal system and his body. 

This is the way. It is listening to the capabilities of nature and not trying to plug in. When I see those chips that you can put in your brain or under your skin, I see that as a lower tech. We’re going backwards. We have the highest technology on our bodies, and we’re trying to connect it with a lower technology. To me, I just see a dissonance. I just see whatever we’re trying to collect from it is limited by the fact that when our current consciousness, whereas yeah, it’s something that I’m still getting really clear on, but I’m curious to hear what you think. I’m curious to hear what your thoughts are in this area. We can talk about genetically modified food that there’s documentation, hearsay and there’s lots of conversations about how it’s affecting. The seeds that are born from there don’t produce like a normal natural seed. Again, nature moves in a natural succession. It gets more and more abundant. But when we start to play around with it, it actually starts to destroy itself. We’re stepping from the force of nature. 

And so, yeah, I just keep asking, ‘when are we going to learn? Why do we keep trying to dominate? How do we step back and go back into that first principle and observe?’ And like Charles Massey says, ‘Uncuff Mother Nature, and let’s work with her. Let’s see what she’s trying to tell us. The abundant lives that we can have with her.’ 

I have a theory that something that I’ve learned from Brooke Castillo is that we have two brains. We have a primal brain and we have the prefrontal cortex. The primal brain has three motives: to avoid pain, seek pleasure, and do whatever’s easiest to be more efficient. And if we stay in that primal brain in this modern society, we will sit in our cave at home, just stare at Netflix. It’s easy. You get a bit of pleasure every time you watch it. And it’s the easiest thing to do. We’ll just order food. At the moment in some aspects, this COVID-19, that’s the easiest thing for us to do. It was like, ‘okay, we’ll just sit on Netflix and watch that.’ But the prefrontal cortex has the ability to look into the future and say, ‘where do I want to be in my life? What do I want?’ And it can make these intelligent decisions. It can make the decision to read this book to find out more, look at this scientific document, learn more, and move forward and plan. And so, through Brooke Castillo’s work with life, it teaches us to plan. Where do you want to be and let’s plan our days. And she teaches you how to manage that primal brain that’s constantly screaming life and death, that’s constantly screaming all of these things. And I also feel that there’s a level of emotional trauma and ways we’ve sort of thoughts that we’ve created in our life that that’s why we’re seeking the external in some aspects. It’s so much easier to look on the outside and the physical plain to try and solve our problems. And it’s much harder to face the demons and the things that are more painful and all of that internally. And that’s why as a human race were seeking  technological answers rather than sitting down and really learning and sitting with mother nature. 

So yeah, that’s my little internal conversation that’s going on at the moment. I really feel that we could master it. If we step back and just say, ‘I’m with nature, what is she trying to tell us here? She’s trying to tell us to become, get back to her, eat more regenerative food, fruits and vegetables, and you will have a strong immune system and live a healthy life and be connected with our family and being away from too much technology. 

I’m not dissing technology as I said. This is streaming out into your hands all over the world. I wouldn’t be able to do this without technology. There’s certainly a level. It’s just in the hands of whoever. Where is your intention? Could this be solved within whatever’s going on for you? And yeah, just step out into nature. 

So that’s my rant, my conversation for this evening or this morning and I’m wishing you all well. I would love to hear your thoughts on the whole AI, the whole conversation or anything else that comes up. So, I head over to the show notes, look for the link that goes to my actual website and comment. Tell me if this provoked anything for you. If you totally disagree or if something awoken and maybe you’ve got some, something to share, I really want to hear from you guys, my lovely Thrivers. Because I think together we’re better. And that’s something I do want to talk more about in the future is the next evolution of humanity is community. Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about that. So anyway, my lovely Thrivers have a beautiful week. I’ll talk to you soon.

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