Eat More Life…

Curious – are you eating life or death? And if you are eating more death? Are you coming closer to it, feeling more ailments.. more sickness?
The saying goes “You are what you eat” and I never actually thought of it in the most simple way. Life and Death.
I was out with my girlfriends one Friday night and our Omnivore friend said you ladies may end up changing me, insinuating that we would “turn her” plant based. In my joking and always trying to make others feel comfortable, I nonchalantly said to her “It’s ok, we kill vegetables too… so essentially we are all eating dead things too”.
But then my fellow plant based friend actually pointed out that we are eating things that are alive. you can re grow celery from it’s core, you can grow carrots from the tops alone, the potatoes and onions in our dark cupboard – if left alone attempt to grow and multiply. Even the seeds of fruit we eat around or swallow can grow. I was watching the Bill Gates documentary part one on the sewerage system, and in one example there was the left over partly processed excrement and the gentleman said that often tomatoes start sprouting, as they do not get digested in the track. Like other animals do, even once we eat something – it can come out the other end and create more life. Nature naturally thrives… and if start aligning and eating it – we can thrive too.
Life begets life..The food we eat is still alive. There is a life force ever present.
Meat, eggs or dairy on the other hands do not – often left alone they start rotting and smelling. Yes sometimes things grow – dangerous bacteria, however eating that can often lead to what is happening to the food… death. I can’t plant a chicken wing and expect a chicken to grow from it. Even a Chickens egg, if not carefully nurtured by life, will rot.
I don’t need to go on about the benefits of eating a variety of plants in our diet – it’s not that kind of pondering…I was just looking at this from this simple perspective. If we want to be more healthy, eat more life force.
I find it quite fascinating, when I sit and stare at this red onion that I cut in half only a week ago, and here it is wanting to grow more life. I have this image in my mind of this pure electric life force that in some ways is like “magic”. Some of these life forces can heal the greatest of diseases but again I just want to keep this simple for now.
If you want more LIFE FORCE, more “magic”, and less death and issues…eat more life force. Period.

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