Could “Don’t Look Up” be the catalyst of change before we run off the climate destruction cliff?

Moments after finishing the movie “Don’t Look Up“, I am reminded of a scene in another movie that eerily aligns and portrays the message I get from this absolutely profound film.

In the movie “Australia”, there is a heart stopping scene where hundreds of buffalos are stampeding towards a cliff and you realise that even though the beasts in the front may suddenly see the cliff and realise they are about to die, the momentum and force is so strong running up from behind them, that they will all fall to their deaths due to the “herd mentality”.

In this scene, the young boy with his indigenous ways manages to calm the herd in time for them to stop.

Could the movie “Don’t Look Up” be what can stop our human population from running off the metaphorical cliff of climate change destruction?

Right now, we are hurtling towards our imminent death, with the collapsing of our planet. Scientists, the people at the front row of the “human herd”, are turning around and pointing to the cliff, but everyone can’t see or don’t want to believe it. Not to mention the force of the population and media is so strong, I feel that the human race is about to hurtle off the cliff into the abyss of nothingness.

The movie “Don’t Look up” with Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill and many more amazing actors, terrifyingly captures the current state of affairs in the world right now.

In the movie’s case, it’s about the impending impact of an asteroid, however you could put Climate Change or even the Pandemic in that story line, and the horrifying truth is , that the fate of the world is dependant on a current structure that has completely fallen apart with our belief in it.

There is a mistrust in our authorities so much so, that it feels like gravity has disappeared and made everything all chaotically hovering in mid space with no obvious foundation to grasp onto.

Between the Government, Corporate entities, Traditional Media and the newer loud mouth…Social Media (all who have their own individual agendas) they are no longer able to be the guiding light and help, ultimately, due to their design. And this is scaring everyone and causing mass hysteria and a grasp at anything to find meaning and truth.

What this says to me, is that the only way for us to stop the herd, is for the individual buffalos/humans, to make their own decisions. When enough change, that will be the tipping point!

We must change ourselves and not leave it to the authorities.

I’m hoping it’s the “lovers kiss” that awakens many from the spell of distraction of what isn’t important. For example, the ideas of being excited about a new Metaverse are all well and good – but if our planet can no longer sustain us, what good is a virtual reality if we are starving or dead?

My biggest fear, is that this movie will come and go fleetingly without an impact or shift in the trajectory of our current situation, much like the stats review of the scientists first TV interview in the film.

The horrifying thing is – unlike the movie which is threatened with an instant extinction, our current climate problem will happen so painfully slow that it will be diseases, starvation, pollution in our waters, watching our loved ones suffer and die, wars for the last bit of food, and who knows what else!

But, as an ever-optimist, I do believe we can prevent this!

The fact this movie broke Netflix records, screams to me that people are aware and are ready to talk about it.

The scientists are screaming and I feel we can hear them, but are we making dramatic changes for the better?

The old paradigm depended on the structures of government, media outlets, big corporations to save us… but, as illustrated on the film.. they do not necessarily have our best and long term interest at heart. It’s at no fault of their own, it’s just the way they are designed.

The only way WE can change… is that EACH of us change… that means YOU change.

You, just like the young boy in the movie Australia, you can turn and face the “herd”, you can choose to not listen, and choose to live a life that helps to regenerate our soils, use products that promote the circle economy…and stops giving money to those that aren’t.

I am an optimist and hopeful that enough of us see it and turn to face the herd…

This circus, as illustrated in “Don’t Look Up” has to stop!

The reality portrayed in that movie is terrifying..

It’s the mirror for us all to really look at ourselves and make choices that ensure we become part of the solution and not contributing to the crazy herd that could hurtle us into our imminent deaths…

Which choice will you make?

Firstly, I recommend watching the movie “Don’t Look Up” if you are one of the few that haven’t seen it yet.

Secondly, read Paul Hawkens book “Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation“. It gives a practical guide of what we can all do to reverse climate change!

The time is now.

This movie is your wake up call…

You can see the cliff..

Will you turn and face the herd and help humanity to be once again living a life that is thriving with nature?

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