EP#33 – Children grown up around Nature are more intelligent

I recently read an article titled “Children raised in greener areas have a higher IQ” it said that “The analysis of more than 600 children aged 10-15 showed a 3% increase in the greenness of their neighbourhood raised their IQ score by an average of 2.6 points. The effect was seen in both richer and poorer areas

It made me think about some of the things Anastasia talks about in her book about how children who at an early age start interacting with Nature will become geniuses. She said it is because of the connection with nature inspires a cognitive development for the child… provokes their brain to awaken and contemplate what is happening.

An email I received recently from The Ringing Cedar Series talked about the ideas of how plants are more conscious than we realise and it made me think about it all and how it all could be connected… so join this week’s episode to contemplate nature and children.

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