5 Things I am Doing to Prepare for Lockdown during the COVID19 Pandemic

Now more than ever we are needing to THRIVE with NATURE. As one meme that is circulating, Mother Nature has sent us to our room to think about what we have done. What it is forcing us to do is to come back to the basics – survival. Sustenance that not only feeds us, but nourishes us and builds our immune system. Connect with our loved ones and hopefully step into nature more – if you have that in your home.

For me, the first inkling that we needed to prepare, my friend was out buying non-perishables, I hit the acceleration pedal on building my veggie box and buying as many organic seeds as I could. It was a catalyst in building what I needed to sustain, if (let’s hope it doesn’t) we end up in lockdown for months!

Don’t get me wrong, I did by 1 extra packet of toilet paper, and then many bags of rice, but the strategy was more about becoming more self-sufficient than “trying to wait it out”.

I have done 5 main things to help increase my self-sufficiency that will help sustain me, but also help me thrive. In other words, what I grow will be far superior to what I could buy out in the main area, because I will ensure that it’s growing in nutrient rich soil.

Below is a video I have done to illustrate these 5 things to prepare me for lockdown during the COVID19 pandemic. Underneath that I have written the points in summary.

5 Things to Do to Be More Self Sufficient during the COVID19 Pandemic:

  1. Cook nutrient rich (mostly) plant-based food and freeze in a deep freezer for down the track you need some good healthy food. This is especially important for those who have no space for a vegetable garden to ensure in a months time you can still get relatively fresh nutrient dense food into your system. Processed packet food will not cut it and your health will start to deteriorate
  2. Buy already grown organic potted herbs. This is another hack for those in apartments with a small balcony, or small homes that just doesn’t have space for a vegetable garden. Find a sunny window and place them there. Each day just adding a small amount of these fresh, life giving, nutrients will help to maintain your health – and maybe improve it if you haven’t been eating fresh from a live garden before. For there is life, microbes, on those living herbs that not only support and protect the plant, they are beneficial for your gut microbiome, arguably the key centre for your main health! So picking a leaf here and there off a live herb plant will be hugely beneficial!
  3. Build a Vegetable Garden (Raised or directly into your backyard). Take it one step further and create an absolutely long term winner, by building yourself an endless supply of nutrition via a vegetable garden! Whatever space you have, even if it’s 1m – adding 2-3 fresh live vegetables grown from nutrient rich soil will be so beneficial for your health that potentially after this COVID19 pandemic, you could come out healthier than you went in! It’s important to note, that you need to make sure your soil has all the elements it needs to provide plant soluble nutrients to your veggies. To learn more about soil, check our Dr Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web on YouTube… I have saved a playlist on Soil here, if you want to learn more. To illustrate the difference between food grown in organic regenerative soil, as opposed to degraded soil, Dan Kittrede says it well: “One carrot grown in healthy soil can have a many polyphenols (micronutrients high in antioxidants) as 200 conventional carrots”.
  4. Buy Seeds and grow your own Seedlings. This is a great way to plan for when food may or may not run out. Growing food yourself allows for you to put into “savings” for your food “bank”. Make sure you buy seeds that you know you will eat. It’s very easy, and I am talking to myself here too, to get excited and buy all sorts of exotic and exciting things. But if you won’t cook it, or eat it in a salad or by itself (OR it’s not providing beneficial diversity to your soil) then don’t get it. I say the last point because, sometimes we plant plans in our veggie garden to attract beneficial pests, or microbes, that will help protect the garden as a whole.
  5. Compost. Garbage trucks may end up slowing down or stopping, and the most volatile waste you have is your food waste. And this can easily be turned into liquid or black gold – SOIL & NUTRIENTS! That is the benefits of thriving with nature! It doesn’t waste… it only builds life. The life and death cycle are so interlaced. So get yourself a kitchen compost like a Bokashi or even build yourself a 3 bucket tier worm farm. Listen to my Podcast on Worm farming here to learn more.

So there you go, these 5 things can help you become more self-sufficient and less reliant on the system that at the moment is struggling and going through epic transition because of this COVID19 crisis. I think many amazing things can come from this – such as more of us Thriving with Nature and being less of a burden to a system that is destroying her. That to me is a win!

Anyway THRIVERS, stay safe, stay connected (from a healthy physical distance) and continue to thrive with nature!

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