014 | Permaculture Pondering’s 🤔 Observe, Interact & Plan..

There are many things to think about when building a permaculture farm, especially in the beginning!

In fact, the more you observe, interact and plan your options around the design the better. The idea is, if you really create a clever permaculture design, the less you will need to work in the future. It’s about energy out and energy in.

This episode is sharing just an insight into the tip of the iceberg of what is going on in my mind during the process of designing the land, the farmhouse and more.

Things you need to observe and contemplate are where the sun comes up throughout the year, where and how does the rainfall, what does the wind do? How are the animals and insects interacting with the vegetation. What is Nature sprouting up in different areas?… and so on.

Another thing to be constantly thinking about is Catching and Storing Energy. This is another principle of Permaculture and so I am again thinking about how to do this with what I have. For example the coffee trees that have been cut down can be used as many sources of energy, as a product, as firewood, as compost, as building material and more!

These questions and more I constantly have going on around in my head… and that is what i share a snippet of in this week’s episode! Enjoy!

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