010 | I’m Learning So Much from the Locals

If you have ever been to Bali, you will notice often that the local communities will sit and prepare for an event together. Community and connection is imperative. In fact, they really find it unusual for foreigners like myself living on their own. It concerns them.

Some of the local families here often try and include me in many things – some I go to and some I don’t. It’s an interesting challenge for someone who is used to having sovereignty and choice of my own time, to start to merge in with local ways, but I am open and surrendering at my own pace.

The pandemic has caused a bit less of the ceremonies and gatherings, so my own village of Sarinbuana I haven’t yet been able to connect with the community as much as I would have expected by now.

The main times I have is if I hire some of them to help me on the farm! This week’s episode is just one of those opportunities.

I organised Pak Wiwin and Pak Agung to come help me finish off the living fence.

As we helped one another, they taught me their ways, even shared a story of how they used to use a certain leaf as pretend money as kids when they were playing. It was delightful to sit and laugh and feel part of the community. I really hope to do it more and slowly integrate my farm with the community to help become one. With the goal that my existence benefits them as my integration and connection with them also enriches me.

Enjoy this week’s episode of me learning so much from the locals!

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