004 | I Face My Snake Fears & Broke All My Tools!

004 | I face my snake fears & broke all my tools!

On this journey of building a Permaculture and Syntropic Agroforestry farm, I am having ups and downs, challenges and wins!

But what remains throughout is a wide eyed curiosity of Mother Nature! ✨

She truly is remarkable and I have so much to learn! 🌱

I am also acutely aware that she has her beautiful creatures… these include SNAKES!

In this episode, as I stumble through “my jungle”, I face my fears of potential snake hazards…🐍

I then manage to epically break all the tools on my mission to clear a path for the future Bamboo Structure! 🤦‍♀️

On the way, I share and explore the fantastic structure of a banana stem and it’s epic abilities to really hydrate any garden! 🍌

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Thank you so much for watching and being part of this journey!

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