003 | It’s Lost…I Can’t Find Where It Went!

003 | It’s Lost… I can’t find where it went!

Today is the first day I get to start working on the land and to say I am excited is an understatement!

It’s been a vision for a long time and now I get to start from scratch!

I find that if I don’t know, it’s best to ask others that do, so with that in mind, I bring Norm to give me a few bits of advice before I get started!

Norm suggests to me to hold off on the access and to first clear the boundaries and the land so I can really get to know it. He also encourages me to get a bamboo lookout where I can sit and observe the land from – also to check out the view!

So, with the team booked for the bamboo structure, I head to the land to clear the boundaries, to make it obvious for them!

But to do this.. you need to find the pegs of the land, which for me proves a little difficult, as one seems to have disappeared!

In the weeks I was away, the jungle has grown back, and like Tomb Raider, the vegetation has swallowed my boundary pegs whole!

Come join me on this adventure to uncover the boundary peg and enjoy a couple of days really working in Nature..

With blisters on my hands, and the largest snails you will ever see…

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Thanks so much for joining me on this adventure!

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