EP#45 – How my life has changed living in the jungle

In some ways, life has changed a lot.. it’s much quieter here, there is a general serenity that flows as opposed to the constant hum and drum of renovations and tourist town life. 

I have heightened awareness in my survival instincts due to living in an ecosystem of nature with its animals and insects. I also feel the fresh air and clean rainforest filtered freshwater that helps to bring a foundational level of health which is wonderful..

On the other side, as I work online that part of my life hasn’t changed too much… although power going out and wifi stopping a couple of times a day can happen, but it forces me to stop and breath which is pleasant…

I feel a lot more present in my life than I have in a while and that I put down to the removal of so many distractions… I explain it further in this week’s podcast episode… 

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